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We have 100's of previously dismantled cars and parts, all shelved with most parts ready to Go!
We carry an extensive stock of body panels, lamps and mirrors, winders and motors, side windows,
wheels, engines, gearboxes and almost every part of any vauxhall.. Cars arriving weekly.
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ASTRA'S MK2 1986-1991
Belmont 2 90 1.8 CDi Low mileage/Most Parts/Burgundy
Astra 2 GTE 2.0 8v/16v 90/91 White, Limited Stock Now!
Astra 2 Van 90 1.6/1.6/1.7D 5 speed/clean panels/Mechanical parts
Astra 2 Hatch 90 1.4/1.6 GL blue/electric windows/alloys

ASTRA'S MK3 1991-1993 (orange Indicators) Facelift 1994-1997 (white Indicators) V-grille model.
Astra 3 94-97 GLS 1.4/1.6 16V Automatic/manual Most Models, Huge Stocks!
Astra 3 Van 94-97 1.7TD GM low blow, good engine most parts available
Astra 3 93 1.4 MPI Estate, Most parts available, New Door Locks
Astra 3 96 1.7 TD Isuzu Est/Good Engine/Headlamps/indicators, Colour Coded Bumpers
Astra 3 92 1.4 SPI Dist 3 door/Seat belt Buckle/Tensioner, Wiper motors etc
Astra 3 1.7TD Isuzu 5 door/Most parts avail/Tow bar/Red
Astra 3 92 1.6i GLS Multi point/Coil-Pack/F10/13 Gearboxes 5dr Hatch
Astra 3 94 1.6 MPI Engines, Heater Blower Fans, Electric/manual Door Mirrors
Astra 3 95 1.4 MPI Saloon automatic, Low mileage, Red
Astra 3 96 Van 1.6 SPI Most Parts Available/Roof Bars
Astra 3 97 1.8 16V Sport 3dr white Elec windows/Alloys
Astra 3 93 2.0i 8V CD white 4dr Saloon Most parts available
Astra 3 1.6 16V GLS 5 door hatch, low mileage most parts available.
Astra Mk3 Selection Of New Discounted Panels, Lamps, Bumpers, Mirrors, etc

ASTRA'S G MK4 1998-2003
Brand New Colour Coded Irmscher Bodykits & 5 stud Alloy & Tyres

Astra Sri Hatch 1998-2003, CHOICE OF 8, Front Bumper With Fogs, New Full Irmscher Body Kits, 3&5 Door, New Coloured Rear Spoilers, Mirrors, Huge Range Of Panels, 15" 16" 17" Genuine Alloys
4 1.7/2.0 TD Di/Dti/DtL Engine, Gearbox, Diesel Pump, Doors, Tailgates, Etc
Astra 4, 51, 1.6 16V Most Parts Available, Low Mileage Engine/gearbox
Astra 4 2001 SXI Black 5 Dr, alloys, spoiler, mirrors Airbags etc.
Astra 4 99 1.4 16v side damage good front and rear parts available, spoiler
Astra 4 2000 1.6 8v Front damage/Silver
Astra Coupe 2001, CHOICE OF 2, Front Bumper, H/Lamps, Irmscher Body Kit, Spoiler, Electric Mirrors, 16" &17" Genuine Alloys
Astra 4 2001 1.4 16v Front damage/Silver
Astra 4 2001 1.7 TD White Estate, Good Backend, Low Mileage, Roof Rack, More Available.
Astra 4 2001 5 Door in black black, 1.6 16V alloys, lots of parts available.
Astra 4 2000 1.4 16v X 3 engine & mechanical parts and most body panels available.
Astra Van 1999 2.0 Di Most parts available. Front & Rear Panels Lamps Etc
Astra Van 2000 1.7TD Silver, air con, alloys, air bag, good panels.

CALIBRA'S Most Models 1991-1997

Calibra 96 2.0 16v Eco/Low Mileage/Fr Damage/Leather
Calibra 95 2.5 V6 Manual, Alloys, Green, Electric Mirrors, Headlamps, etc
Calibra 95 2.0 16v Eco/Good Engine/White Dials/Bodypanels
Calibra 91 2.0 8V Auto white cloth interior, Good front end
Calibra J Reg 2.0 16V Red, good front end, engine, alloys etc.
Very Limited Turbo Models!

Carltons 1987-1992

Carlton 3 92 1.8i Est/Sal Auto/Man Rear Diffs, Window Motors, Electric Mirrors, etc
Carlton 3 92 2.6i/2.0i Est/Sal Auto Low Mileage Engines/Gearboxes Aircon, Etc
Carlton 90-92 3.0 24V/12v CDX GSi Est/Sal Auto/Man Most parts Available

CAVALIERS MK3 89-91 & 92-95 facelift

Cav 3 93 1.8 SPI FL/Hatch/Blue/Good front/Alloys
Cav 93 1.7 TD Isuzu Hatch/Drivers Seats, Base Frames, Belt Buckles & Tensioners
Cav 91 2.0 SRI Hatch/Good Engine/Lamps, Mechanical, etc
Cav 94 1.6 SPI Most Mechanical Parts, Electric & Manual Doors Mirrors Stocked
Cav 3 95 2.5 V6 CDX FL/5 spd/Good Engine/Alloys/Blue

C 2001-2004

New Discounted Door Mirrors Now In stock!
Corsa 02 'C' LS 3 door, Electric windows, Complete doors, New Electric/Manual Mirrors, etc
Corsa 51 'C' Comfort 3/5 door, Front & Rear Bumpers, Doors, Tailgates, Lamps, Mirrors etc

B 1997-2000

Corsa Sports x6 1.4 & 1.6 16V 96-99 Lots available, electric windows/colour coded mirrors etc.
Corsa 99 1.0/1.2i Roof Damage/Blue Lots Of Mechanical parts, Black Interior, Huge Stocks!
Corsa 99 1.0 12V 3cyl Engine - Good front end, Red, low mileage, V grille bumpers & Mirrors
Corsa 99 1.2 16V Ecotec 5dr LS 23k blue met, Nice Interior, Brand New Spare wheel/tyre
Corsa 98 1.6 16V Sport, air con, colour coded bumpers & mirrors, rear spoiler, Front end Parts Available
Corsa 97 1.4 16V Auto/manual Ecotec 5dr ABS, PAS, CDX , Alloys, Colour Choice of Doors, etc

Corsa A 1993-1996
Corsa Combo Van 1.7D, White, Engine & Gearbox, Most Mechanical & Body Parts Available
Corsa 95 1.4i SPi Dist/ Coil pack, F10/13, Drivers Seats With Height adjustable Bases,& Tensioners
Corsa 95 1.4i 16v GLS 3/5 door , Electric/Manual Mirrors, New Indicator Dip Beam Stalks, Etc
Corsa 1.2i/1.4i LS 93 3/5dr, Tailgate spoiler Auto/5speed/stereo/Door Glass/mirrors

Corsa A & B Selection Of New Discounted Panels, Lamps, Bumpers, Mirrors, etc See Special offer Page!

NOVA mk1 83-90 Orange Indicator type models, Mostly mechanical parts Now!
NOVA mk2 90-92 Facelift, White indicators type models, Most Mechanical Parts Now!
Nova 1, 1.2 merit 2dr saloon 88 red, New Door & Ignition Locks With keys Available.
Nova 1, 1,2L 5dr 90 61k runs well, Good mechanical & Limited Body Parts Now!
Nova 2, 1.4i Luxe 92 Rear Damage, Electric windows/alloys/Lock sets
Nova 1.5 Non & Turbo Diesel 92 Excellent throughout Engine & Gearbox, etc

A 94-98, Omega B 1999-2003

Omega B 2001 2.2 CDX Auto Saloon, GREY LEATHER INT. 17" Alloys, Spoiler, Most Parts Available.
B 2000-2003 New shape, bumpers & Body panels/Lamps, CDX 16" Alloys, Etc
Omega 95 2.0 16v CD Huge Selection of Body panels Headlamps, Rear :Lights, Mirrors Etc
Omega Elite 98 3.0 Auto/Leather/Side Airbags/Silver
Omega Elite 96 3.0 Auto/Good Engine/Grey Leather/Green
Omega 98 2.5 CDX, Auto Low Mileage Engine/Gearboxes, Mechanical Parts, Etc
Omega 95 2.5 Manual/Auto, Rear Diff, electric Windows, Air Con, Central locking, Etc
Omega 95 2.0 16v Eco GLS Auto/Front damage/Burgundy, Choice Of Models
Omega Estate 95 2.0 16v Eco/Fr & Rear damage/Burgundy, Clean Cloth Interiors, Etc
Omega 1997 2.5 CD auto tourer saloon. 16" alloys, spoiler. Air Con, Electric Mirrors
2001-2003 Fits All Omega's 16" GENUINE CDX ALLOYS, Great Price! See Alloy wheel page


Senator 91 3.0 24v Auto/Leather/Silver Lots Of Mechanical Parts, Lamps Bumpers Etc
Senator 3 90 3.0 12v CDI Low mileage/Good parts available, Electric Window Motors/mirrors,etc
Senator 3 91 2.6 Auto Good Engine/Leather, Aircon, Heater Blower Motors, Rear Diffs, Etc

VECTRA C 2001- 2004
Vectra C 2003 Hatch SRI, Blue Met, BLACK ELECTRIC LEATHER INTERIOR, Complete Bumper With Fogs, Electric Mirrors, More Available
Vectra C
2003 2.0 DTI Diesel Silver, Panels, Bumpers, Mechanical, Lots Of Parts Available.
Vectra C
2002 Sri, Alloys, Bumpers With Fogs, Panels, Blue Met, etc.
Vectra C 1.8/2.0 Bumpers, Lamps, Doors, Tailgate, Some Front End, etc.

VECTRA B 1999-2001
Vectra B 2000 X reg 2.0 CDX Most Parts, Low Mileage Engine/GearboxAlloys Cd Changer, etc.
Vectra B Hatch, 99 mk2 Blue 1.8LS 15,000 miles Engine & Gearboxes, Mechanical, Subframes, Airbags, Interiors, Parcel Shelves, Good panel Choice, Doors & Bumpers, Lamps, Mirrors, Etc.
Vectra B 1.8 LS Hatch 2000 W Reg. in silver. Air con, Fog light type front bumper. Good front end
Vectra B hatch, 01 mk2 Silver, Front Bumper with & Without foglamps, 1/2 leather interiors Available,Good back end Parts. Good Selection of Genuine 15/16/17" & GSi 5 Stud Genuine Alloys

VECTRA A 1995-1998
Vectra A
98 2.5 V6 Sri Manual 75k Engine, Alloys, Aircon, Met Black, Lots Of Parts Available.
Vectra A
98 2.0 16V CDX Satin Red. Air con, wood trim, CCR 600 + CD Player. Good front end.
Vectra A 97 2.0 16v LS Lots Of Body panel Choice, Doors/Tailgates/Bumpers, All Mechanical, Abs, Etc.
Vectra A 1.8 16v GLS Choice Of Engines, Mechanical Parts, F18 Gearbox.
Vectra A 97 1.6 16v LS 5 door/Side Damage/Green, Door Glasses, Drivers Seats, Spare Wheels & tyres.
Vectra A 97 2.5 V6 SRI New Discounted Egr Valves, Selection Of Genuine Vauxhall 16/17"New Alloys.
Vectra A 97 2.0 16v Good Engine/F18 Hydraulic Gearbox, ABS, Central Locking, Headlamp/indicators.
Vectra A 95 1.8 16V Ecotec Saloon LS Purple/alloys/boot spoiler, Front Bumpers With Foglamps.
Vectra A 96 1.8 16V LS Hatch in red. F18 5 speed gearbox, Genuine Exhaust Rear Boxes, Etc.

Good Selection of Genuine New 15/16/17" & GSi 5 Stud Alloy Wheels, See Alloy wheel page
Factory Demounted New Vectra Genuine Single & Twin Rear STEEL Exhaust Box's Available!


1999 Elegance 2.0 Di turbo diesel. Burnt inside, Good mechanical/body panels, etc


VX220 Head Lamps, Rear Lights, Airbag, Soft top Hoods, etc

Frontera B 1998-2002, Headlamps, Indicators, Grilles, Mirrors, Rear Lamps,16" Alloys/Steels
Frontera 2.0 8v M Reg. Convertible, mint condition throughout. Lots of good parts available.
Frontera 94 2.3/2.8 TD Estate/Some Parts Avail/No Engine, Steel Wheels & Tyres, Spares or Sets

1999 o/s & rear body parts only. Electric mirrors.
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